At Shravan, we have studied several modules in health care and other similar service providers to develop our present module. It goes without saying the process is being evolved continuously based on newer ground experiences gained.

To formulate our system we took the development of the automobile industry as our guide. The automobile industry is a customer oriented service industry and we felt it is the closest to the health care industry.

 In the good old days the Auto industry was dominated by American cars. They had gasoline guzzling huge cars like Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet etc. When a breakdown occurred the car had to be towed to the garage for repair. Similarly when a patient falls sick, they have to reach the hospital to receive any sort of medical attention. Majority of the hospitals in India fall under this category. These hospitals are not technologically advanced and updated to offer high quality treatment.

 Next, the Germans introduced the concept of quality. They produced quality cars like the Benz, Audi, Volkswagen etc. They produced quality cars which were costly and never made any effort to reach the society. They never offered any preventive checks or free servicing. But due to the quality of their products, they over took the American car industry. Majority of the modern corporate hospitals come under this category. They are posh and well equipped but majority of our patients cannot afford to go to these hospitals.

 The Japanese car makers studied the shortcomings in the German car industry. They also felt the need to reach the society. After studying the needs of the society, they used their creativity to produce customer centric quality cars. They improved the engine efficiency and decreased the weight of the cars without compromising on the safety standard which helped in better mileage to their cars. Some parts were replaced by less expensive alternative materials like plastic for bumpers. They were the first to introduce preventive maintenance and free servicing.

 Thus the Japanese produced quality cars with people friendly features like better mileage, preventive maintenance, free servicing etc, all for a lesser price. This very concept of reaching-the-society has helped the Japanese Car makers, Toyota become the number one car seller in the world.

 At Shravan we are emulating the Japanese model to a large extend.

1. We provide Quality ENT care and keep ourselves technologically updated with latest.

2. We try to reduce costs by better equipment utilization.

3. We focus on preventive care and prevention of dumbness is our flagship project.

4. We reach out to the society through various programs like:

  • School Academic ENT Health Care Support.
  • Support to Special Schools.
  • Support to Neurological cases.

5. We also offer ENT health care support to manage clinics / hospitals.

6. We take ENT care to patients within the comfort of their homes making use of technology.

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